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UAM provides all students with access to challenging courses, infuses media to engage students, and makes learning relevant to them.  Across the curriculum, students are encouraged to challenge assumptions, make connections to their world, and engage in critical conversations on provoking topics.

In all subject areas students:

​●   Read texts to infer, interpret, and draw conclusions.

●   Analyze and evaluate complex messages from a range of media.

●   Support arguments with evidence.

●   Resolve conflicting views encountered in source documents.

●   Solve complex problems and answer complex questions with no

     obvious answers.

UAM teachers support high-level student thinking in their classrooms by:

​●   Establishing the purpose and rationale for the topics being studied

​●   Developing provocative questions about the topics of study

​●   Creating time and space for student thinking

​●   Facilitating discussions amongst students

​●   Building classrooms that value student ideas

• 9th English

• 10th English

• 11th English

• 12th English

• Honors English

• AP English 

• 9th Grade Global History

• 10th Grade Global History

• 11th Grade US History

• 12th Grade Government & Economics

Social Studies Research

• Algebra

• Geometry

• Computer Science

• Pre Calculus

• Algebra 2 and Trigonometry

• AP Calculus

• Environmental Science

Earth Science


• Shoreline

• Spanish

Visual Arts

Studio Art

• AP Art

• Theater

• Dance

• Gym


• John Jay College : College Now

  Students take college level courses

  at John Jay College



At UAM we believe that reading is a foundational skill for academic success and that through the development of literacy we will improve our students’ ability to complete complex tasks.  Therefore we:

•   Focus on Authentic Literacy across the curriculum

•   Regularly assess students’ literacy using the DRP (Degrees of  Reading Power)

•   Provide additional support and intervention for some students in the form of a standalone literacy class (E2).

We also see reading as an opportunity to build community by exploring critical issues and sharing ideas.  To this end we participate in an annual UAM community-wide read called “One Grade, One Book.” During this event each grade reads a single text and participates in discussions about the book. 

“One Grade, One Book,” also provides an opportunity to introduce and reinforce shared reading and discussion routines and protocols.


Advisory provides an opportunity for every student to be well known by a caring adult in the school. Advisories meet three to four times a week. Two days will be devoted to Social Emotional Learning and College and Career Readiness (11th and 12th grade) and one day will be devoted to academic check-in.

Advisors are the primary conduit for home school communication.

Contact your child's advisor

21th Century Skills

At UAM we believe that Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is fundamental to students’ success in school and beyond.  We believe that by developing students’ social emotional competencies we will better prepare them for success in school, work and life in general.  With the support of The Urban Assembly we are implementing School Connect SEL curriculum.  The curriculum focuses on developing the five SEL Competency Areas: Social awareness, Self-awareness, Self- management, Relationship skills, and Responsible decision making.

College Readiness

We believe that College-Readiness is the KEY to our students’ future success. The development of literacy and thinking skills are the foundation. UAM focuses on developing students’ reading power and their persistence in order to prepare them for college and ensure their future success.  


•    Individual College and Career Counseling

•    Group College Counseling

•    College Preparation Workshops for Grades 9 to 11

•    College Application Workshops for Seniors

•    School based College Information Sessions

•    College Trips (Local and Overnight)

•    SAT preparation referrals

•    Scholarship alerts and application assistance


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