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Special Programs

ASD Horizon Program Features


Class Structure

The program serves a maximum of eight students with autism in a Special Class (SC). The class is taught by one special education teacher and one classroom paraprofessional. Opportunities for inclusion with general education students are encouraged.

Curriculum and Instruction

Classes follow the New York Learning Standards and the same curriculum used in all DOE schools. ASD Horizon teachers are trained in special strategies for students with autism. Rethink Ed Platform Solutions provides support including evidence-based instructional materials, based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). These materials support the academic and social-emotional development of ASD Horizon students.

Social-Emotional Supports

Related service providers work together with classroom teachers using Rethink lessons to address students’ communication and socialization challenges.

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ASD Nest Model Framework


ASD Nest is a school inclusion model for students with autism spectrum disorders, in which students with ASD are educated in their  neighborhood school alongside their general education peers. They receive specialized supports to be successful with the general  education curriculum and develop competence in their social and behavioral functioning.

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At UAM this year, all students are automatically enrolled in a selection of AP (Advanced Placement) courses because we believe that all students deserve to participate in rigorous courses that will prepare them for college and career.

Taking the AP Exam at the end of your course will be optional. At the end of Semester 1, you will choose either the testing or non-testing track.

Testing track: You will take the AP Exam for your course in May. You will be required to engage in additional support from your teachers and independent study to cover test material that may not be covered in class. You will be supported in this through AP Lab courses during Semester 2.

Non-testing track: You will be required to demonstrate your mastery of course content and skills through a Performance Task assigned in May. You will be expected to meet all course requirements.

  • Stand out in the college admissions process. Colleges want to see that you’re taking the most rigorous courses available at your school.

  • Start developing college level skills before college and increase your chances of graduating college on time.

  • Earn college credit without the price tag (if you sit for the exam).

  • Boost your GPA (AP courses are scaled)

  • Develop your growth mindset by challenging yourself!

  • We recognize that AP courses are often perceived as “only for the students who get good grades” or “too hard and stressful.” However, your AP teachers have designed these courses, and lots of varied data affirms that *all* students benefit from AP courses. To succeed, you need only be curious, interested in growing, willing to work hard, able to ask for and receive help, and desirous of the best possible future--things we expect of all UAM students. 


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