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UAM Mission & Vision
UAM Mission

UAM is focused on bringing out the best in all students’ thinking so that they are able to achieve at high levels.  UAM graduates are able to respond to the world by making choices that maximize positive outcomes for themselves and others. UAM is focused on students becoming better critical thinkers not just acquiring more knowledge.  As a result, our students are able to respond productively in novel situations because they are able to: solve problems; access, analyze and evaluate information and messages from a range of media; make decisions; and express their thinking verbally and in writing. As a result, UAM students are prepared to perform well in college, career and life and to be proactive members of their communities.

UAM Vision

Success at UAM is not simply about getting the right answer or even solving a problem, but also about being able to provide a rationale and explain the underlying thinking.  We believe that by explaining ourselves to others we come to better understand our choices and rationales and that by having our ideas challenged by others our understanding is improved.  Students have a responsibility to question and challenge viewpoints they encounter in order to sharpen their own understanding.  Across subject areas students are given ample time to read, write and speak so that they can deepen their thinking about and understanding of the topics they are studying.  By developing authentic literacy, students are prepared for the academic challenges of college and beyond.

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