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UAM is focused on students becoming better critical thinkers not just acquiring more knowledge. As a result, our students are able to respond productively in novel situations. UAM students are able to: solve problems; access, analyze and evaluate information and messages from a range of media; make decisions; and express their thinking verbally and in writing.  As a result, UAM students are prepared to perform well in college, career and life and to be proactive members of their communities.


Starting in 9th grade students are surveyed to identify extracurricular interests in order to match them up with partnership opportunities.  There is a dedicated partnership coordinator who works closely with advisors, guidance counselors and the college office to ensure that every student is offered partnership opportunities that will broaden their understanding of the world and themselves.  Participating institutions include:

- The Urban Assembly

- Exploring the Arts

- The YMCA

- Peer Health Exchange

- The Door

- Sadie Nash

- Big Brothers Big Sisters in partnership with CBS

- Futures and Options

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

At UAM we believe that Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is fundamental to students’ success in school and beyond.  The curriculum focuses on developing the five SEL Competency Areas:

Social awareness



Relationship skills

Responsible decision making

Academic Course Offerings

UAM has partnered with AP for All in order to offer a full complement of AP courses.  Our belief is that all of our students must experience college level courses while they are in high school in order to be prepared to pursue their post-graduation pursuits.


9th Graders begin their AP journey by taking AP Human Geography.

10th Graders continue their AP coursework with AP World History

11th Graders take AP Lanugage, US History and Environmental Science

12th Graders finish their AP high school experience with AP Lit and AP Seminar in Government and Economics.


Beyond AP classes each student takes a full schedule of courses to meet graduation requirements and prepare them for college and beyond.  These courses include but are not limited to:


Electives: Coding and Computer Science; Financial Literacy; Science:

Living Environment, Earth Science, Chemistry.


Math: Algebra, Algebra II, pre-Calculus



PSAL Sports

Soccer, badminton, bowling, basketball (J.V. and V.), Cross country, handball, indoor track, outdoor track, softball, flag football, volleyball, wrestling, baseball, double dutch. UAM students are members of the larger MLK Campus community and are able to participate in all PSAL sports offered by the campus.  As a result, UAM students have the unique experience of having a small school learning community within a large school offering many more extra-curriculars and the opportunity to build relationships with other students across the campus.

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